675 govt posts created, 20% tax rise on alcohol

arunachal-pradesh-cm-nabam-tuki-stresses-on-retaining-special-category-for-ne-statesITANAGAR, Oct 18: The state cabinet headed by Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has decided to create 675 numbers of posts under Department of Health & Family Welfare for various health institutions in the state. These posts include Specialists Doctors, Medical Officers, Nurses and para-medical staffs and shall be rationalised and distributed in all health institutions across the state.

The cabinet further decided to create health cess and also approved for increasing the tax levied on alcoholic beverages to 20% in the state.

The amount accrued by the 20% tax on excise duties would be used for depositing the annual premium of the Chief Minister's Universal Health Insurance Scheme.

This move of the state cabinet will permanently secure the CMUHIS as the premium would directly be deducted from the health cess accrued from the taxes, said govt Spokesperson Bamang Felix..

Meanwhile, the Director General of Police in his briefing to the cabinet said that over-all law and order scenario of the state is peaceful.

src: arunachaltimes