Historic accord signed between Nyishis and Apatanis

Tuki in Apatani headgear addressing peopleZIRO, Sept 20: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki today witnessed the historic signing of accord between the Nyishi and Apatani communities here and hailed it as ushering in "a new era of peaceful co-existence" in the state.

The accord was signed by Nyishi Elite Society (NES), President, Bengia Tolum and Tanw Supun Dukun (TSD) President, Dr. Hage Loder with witnesses signing from both the communities. The accord was signed at a conglomeration of hundreds of members of both the communities as well as members of various community-based organisations from across the state.

The accord - a trend setter for other communities to take a cue - is unique and historic and an agreement between the two neighbours for peaceful co-existence, brotherhood and social harmony, said the Chief Minister.

"Today is the beginning of a new era of peaceful co-existence and social harmony. Let this message go out to the world and let other communities learn that if there is a will there will be peace," said Tuki while addressing people on the occasion.

The Chief Minister lauded the leaders of NES and TSD, apex social bodies of the Nyishis and Apatanis respectively, for coming together with the idea and fostering a bond between the two communities that will be socially binding on each and every member of the communities. He lauded the tireless efforts put in by NES President Bengia Tolum and TSD President Dr. Hage Loder.

Tuki said people with hatred and violence in the name of caste, creed and community constitute only one per cent of the population. And with such social sanction provided by the accord, these one per cent people would be overpowered and no petty differences or disputes would ever take a communal colour, he said.

Tuki viewed the accord as an example that needs to be followed for communal and social harmony between all tribes of the state, particularly those living in close proximity of each other. Such understanding will not only help prevail peace and bonhomie, but also push for accelerated development in the region, he said.

Tuki cited the example of similar accords signed by the NES with the Bodos of Assam and Akas of West Kameng.

He said after the agreements all differences between the Nyishis and the Bodos along the interstate boundary are resolved peacefully and thus there is a feeling of goodwill and peace.
"Same is the case with Akas and now the Nyishis and Apatanis have come together to create an atmosphere of understanding, love and caring," Tuki added.

Inter community exchanges and mingling are pre-requisite for peaceful coexistence, the Chief Minister asserted and informed that the state government will encourage inter-tribe marriages by rewarding such couples with Rs. 50,000.

Talking on the developmental front, Tuki said that Ziro rated as second after Shillong in terms of tourist visits in the Northeast can surpass Shillong and sought people s support and cooperation to attain the same.

As the Ziro valley is almost saturated with regard to expansion of township, Tuki asked the people to consult with the administration, their leaders and elders and forward a proposal for expansion to the government.

He assured full support to the proposal.

Tuki, who had travelled by road to Ziro from Itanagar, also lamented about the road condition.
"I, as the representative of the Government, am also guilty. This road should not have been what it is, but due to many factors maintenance of the road could not be carried out on time," he said.

Tuki assured that he would do his best to arrange for maintenance funds and improve the condition of the road.

Some of the major highlights of accord;
# Both the communities resolved to maintain the age-old social relations prevailing since time immemorial.

# Any individual disputes or controversies like motor accident, theft and land disputes of individuals shall not be construed as communal issues.

# Both the communities shall activate more social and communal harmony; confidence building measures by encouraging inter tribe marriage on mutual consent.

# The district headquarter shall be expanded to accommodate and ensuring equal participation in the facilities and developmental process by the Nyishis and the Apatanis.

# The traditional system of revenge in both the tribes shall be strictly denounced and prohibited so as to avoid victimisation of the innocents.

# Both the communities shall encourage their members to participate in the traditional festivals, like Nyokum Yullo, Dree, Boori-Boot Yullo, Longte, Myoko etc., so that the younger generations shall have opportunities to intermingle so as to learn and respect each other’s culture.

# The violators of the joint declaration of the Nyishi-Apatani Summit 2015 shall be dealt by Nyishi Elite Society and Tanw Supun Dukun on case to case basis based on ground realities.


If any party of either community violates this declaration, the respective apex body of the community shall initiate to deal with the situation.


src: arunachal times