Itanagar:  It is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and is a rich mixture of archeological sites of great historical value and built up of resources and institutions of great socio cultural significance. The city is named after the irregular shaped Itafort (the fort of bricks) which is a center of attraction located within the heart of Itanagar. The township is situated 350 m above mean sea level. Getting to Itanagar is easy. It is well connected by road and air. There is a helicopter service from Guwahati. National Highway 52A connects Itanagar to Assam and other parts of India. There are regular luxury bus services between Guwahati and Itanagar. Arunachal State Transport runs an extensive service throughout the state. The nearest railway station is Harmuti in Assam.


Aalo:  (297 kms from Itanagar) the headquarter of West Siang is situated in a picturesque valley at the confluence of Sipu and Siyom rivers against the backdrop of verdant hills. Aalo is one of the oldest towns with a strong educational set up. Patum Bridge over Yogmo River, Museum and Donyi-Polo Dere are places of tourist attraction. It is an ideal place for trekking, hiking and angling. Aalo has a good road network and the road which runs from north Lakhimpur to the capital City Itanagar, connects the town of Aalo to the city. State Transport Service buses are available to and from Aalo. The nearest Airport is Likabali, which is situated in Assam. Aalo has no railway and the nearest Railway Station is at Silapathar.


Pasighat:  (270 kms from Itanagar) Pasighat is half way up into the district and administrative headquarters of the East Siang District. Pasighat is situated on the banks of mighty Siang River, the main tributary of Brahmaputra. Pasighat is the oldest administrative center of the erstwhile NEFA as well as the oldest town in state. Pasighat is connected by road and have frequent service from Guwahati, Lakhimpur or Itanagar. Waterways crossing river Brahmaputra from Dibrugarh by ferry to Oryamghat this is situated at a distance of 32 km from Pasighat. Nearest Rail head is at Murkongselek which is a terminal station of Rangia-Murkongselek meter gauge track. Pasighat is the land of the mighty Siang and indigenous hanging bridges, Round cane rings, swinging strings, shattered wooden pavements which make it a picture perfect destination for thrill and adventure. 





Tezpur:  Tezpur is situated in Assam and it is a part of this circuit.


Bhalukpong:  Bhalukpong is a small town located along the southern reach of the Himalayas in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is located 100 km from Bomdila, 52 km from Tezpur and 5 km from Tipi. Angling and river rafting are the principal tourist activities in Bhalukpong. The place is quite close to Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. Apart from nature’s loveliness, the culture of the place is quite interesting. Bhalukpong does not have an airport. The nearest Airport is in Tezpur, from Tezpur drive up the 52 kms to Bhalukpong. The nearest railhead is at Rangapara at Tezpur. NH 37 is in excellent condition and the road passes through the Kaziranga National Park. Taxis and jeeps are available to get around the town.


Bomdila:  Bomdila is the headquarters of the West Kameng District, and offers breathtaking views of the snow-clad peaks, including a clear view of the Kangto and Gorichen peaks, the highest peaks of the state. Bomdila is 276 kms from Itanagar, 237 kms from Tawang and 155 kms from Tezpur. The nearest Airport and Railway Station is in Tezpur. One can also reach Bomdila by bus; daily buses are available from Itanagar. Adventure tourism takes on a very special meaning in these areas, with tourists coming in from round the world. For the tourist, however, Bomdila is much more than administrative headquarters. This place is full of natural beauty.


Tawang:  Due to the world famous Tawang Monastery, Tawang district has emerged as a popular tourist destination. The Sela Pass rises steeply and is covered with snow for most of the year. Jang Waterfall is a big tourist attraction. Tawang district has a handicrafts center that promotes the small-scale industries for local handicrafts. The nearest airports are at Salonibari Airport, Tezpur and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati, which are roughly 14 hrs drive from Tawang. Along road Tawang is 262 km from Bhalukpong, 319 km from Tezpur, 440 km from Itanagar. Tawang has no railway and the nearest railway station is at Tezpur. 




Pasighat:  Information has been provided in above Itanagar-Aalo-Pasighat Circuit.


Jengging:  It is a trekking route. This trekking route also leads to Komsing, where you can see the beautiful stone memorial of the Assistant Political Officer of Sardia Noel Williamson, constructed during the British reign. It is 130 km from Along by road.


Yingkiong:  Yingkiong is a beautiful town, the destination is well known for its natural beauty. The Town is flocked by tourists for its famous Mouling National Park and Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary. Yingkiong also attracts adventure enthusiasts as it offers opportunities to indulge in Trekking. The town can be reached via flights which can be boarded from Dibrugarh Airport in Assam, the nearest Airport. The town can also be reached by barding trains to Dibrugarh Town Railway Station. Yingkiong is also connected by other cities within state via buses.


Tuting:  Tuting is an extremely remote place in the district of Upper Siang. There are no hotels, but there is good Inspection Bungalow owned by PWD, Tuting is also a military post for Indian Army. China Border is Visible where some bunkers can be seen. 





Tinsukia:  Tinsukia is situated in Assam and it is a part of this Circuit.


Tezu:  Tezu is the headquarters of the Lohit District. The town lies amid a beautiful landscape by the Lohit River. This is a comfortable place for tourists, with modern facilities. The main inhabitants of the town are the Mishmi Tribe. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna’s first queen Rukmini was a Mishmi damsel. The nearest functional airport is at Mohanbari, Tezu Airport is primarily used by visiting VIP’s and officials, but is now being upgraded. The road communication is also good via Tinsukia.


Hayuliang:  This beautiful town lies at the confluence of the Lohit and Delai rivers in the Anjaw District. ‘Hayuliang’ means ‘the place of my liquor’. Ideally located, Hayuliang enjoys a pleasant, cool and salubrious climate. The panoramic view of the confluence of the rivers and scenic surroundings make the place worth visiting. Hayuliang is located at a distance of 100 km from Tezu.  




Margherita:  Margherita is situated in Assam and the entry point in Arunachal is at Namchik.


Miao:  Miao is a place with great natural beauty and a region which gets one of the heaviest rains fall in north-eastern India. The mountain range is the eastern extension of the Himalayas. The green surroundings of Miao make it an ideal spot to unwind for the traveler. The Tibetan Refugee Camp is worth a visit and where colorful woolen carpets of various designs are produced.


Namdhapa National Park:  It is the 15th Tiger Reserve in the country spread over 1985 sq km. Another unique feature of this park is that the park covers a wide range of altitude from 200m to 450m. The national park is also home to a large variety of butterflies and has more than 150 timber species and some of the rare species of medicinal plants like Mishmi Teeta.

Nampong:  Nampong is situated in the Changlang District. The mountain range here is called Patkai Bum and it is the eastern extension of the Himalayas. It is located at a distance of 107 km from Changlang. It is the last town on the Indian Border on the way to Burma. Visitors can even shop at the Pangsau Pass bazaar across the international border in Myanmar, Burma. Nampong is a historical town known for some colonial constructions like the Ledo Road and Hell Gate.


Changlang:  Changlang District is situated on the south-eastern corner of Arunachal Pradesh, near the Myanmar Border. It is known for its rich Biodiversity and scenic beauty, Changlang is a popular tourist destination and can be reached from Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Margherita and Miao by road. The airport nearest to Changlang is situated at Dibrugarh and the nearest railhead is at Tinsukia. 




Roing:  This is a picturesque town in Lower Dibang Valley by the side of the Dibang River and is the administrative headquarters of the district. All basic amenities for tourists are available here. The valley’s prime attractions, natural and archeological are nearby, and you can mostly visit them in day trips or a couple of days. The historical fort of Bhishmaknagar is one of the prime tourist destination and a must visit destination. Nehru Van Udyan is an another destination famous for its two historical ponds and a must visit destination. One can easily reach Roing through road. The town doesn’t have a proper railway station nor does it have a proper airport, the nearest Railway station is in Tinsukia 113 kms from Roing.


Mayudia:  This is a hill resort at an altitude of 8000 ft offering breathtaking views of the lofty hills and the lush green forests around. The place is tranquil and the view of snow-capped mountains adds serenity to the environment. The ascending drive from Roing to Mayudia along the winding twelve-necked point (Baro Golai) of the road provides a sense of adventure. Mayudia at 56 kms from Roing is the closet snowfall region in winter. An hour and a half drive from Roing takes you to another world.


Anini:  The small town of Anini is located on the top of the Plateau, from where one can oversee the Dri River.  




Tezpur & Bhalukpong: have been described in Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang Circuit


Tipi:  Tipi is known for Asia’s third largest Orchidarium. The aim of the Orchidarium project is the conservation of Orchids and research and promotion of an orchid industry. Besides the Orchidarium, the Tipi center also has a beautifully maintained l garden with a variety of visually enchanting trees, shrubs and flowers. A relaxed stroll through the grounds can soothe and invigorate, as only pristine nature untouched by urban trapping can.


Seijosa:  Seijosa is the forest divisional headquarters. It is a small but beautiful sub-divisional administrative headquarter on the bank of the Pakhui (Pakke) river in the East Kameng district. Refresh yourself at Seijosa, for the adventure ahead. Seijosa is a fine picnic spot, and a place to recharge your batteries before you move into the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the largest in Arunachal Pradesh. 




Ziro:  It is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Arunachal Pradesh. This is a plateau, and the headquarters of Lower Subansiri District. The topography of the town is astounding, with hills and forests and rivulets all around. One can walk amidst the pine in the gentle hills and rice fields around.


Palin:  Palin is a beautiful hill station near the high mountains with breathtaking views and great weather. It is mostly covered by clouds. The holy Rosary Church, consecrated by the bishop of Itanagar, is one of the largest Catholic churches in the state. The Palin river is a tributary of Subansiri River, and flows through the town. This river is ideal for rafting, fishing and its banks for picnics.


Nyapin:  This hill station is located at a distance of 23 km from Palin. This is a small town; it consists of 20 villages and 20 Panchayats. It is a Tehsil in Kurung Kumey District. There is no railway station near Nyapin in less than 10 km. Dibrugarh Town Railway station is major railway station 169 km from Nyapin.

Sangram:  This is a beautiful hill station. The river Paging, a tributary of the Kurung River, meanders through it. The place is perfect for nature lovers and for adventure seekers. The topography of the district is mountainous. A great part of it falls within the medium mountain zone consisting of peaks and valleys.

Koloriang:  This is the headquarters of the Kurung Kumey District, as well as a picturesque hill station. This town has derived its name from two words: Kolo, which means the name of the person who is believed to be the owner of the area, and Riang, which means land. Surrounded by high mountains, Koloriang is located on the right bank of the Kurung River.



Aalo:  Information has been provided above (Itanagar-Aalo-Pasighat Circuit).


Mechuka:  It is a quaint town near Indo-China Border. Mechuka is made of three words: ‘Men’, or “medicinal”, ‘chu’, or “water”, and ‘kha’, or “ice” in the local language. The melted water here from the ice capped mountain is believed to have medicinal values. It is only 29 km from Indo-China Border. The nearest Airport is Lilabari Airport in Assam. Mechuka is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, the draw being its breathtaking beauty, its exotic tribes, the gentle hills and snow peaks around.




Daporijo:  This small, beautiful town is the District Headquarters of Upper Subansiri District, where you will notice how ancient civilizations have developed. Tribal craftsmanship is visible immediately in the suspension bridges over Subansiri made from Bamboo and cane. The wild is in the Sigem-Daporijo Reserve Forest and the Kamala Reserve Forest. Or one can delve into adventure sport and engage in white water rafting, or one might just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenario. Nearby places like Dumporijo, Menga Cave Temple are worth visiting.


Taliha, Siyum & Nacho:  These small but beautiful towns cling to the slopes, offering you some of the best views, the best trekking ideas and very comfortable stay. A drive from Daporijo, to Nacho will give one enough reason and opportunity to stay on and enjoy the rafting and other adventure activity. The traditional system of subsistence agriculture is still prevalent in Taliha, Siyum and Nacho.